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224 articles and 117 pictures about Kyrgyzstan

About Encyclopedia

The Celestial Mountains Travel Encyclopedia of Kyrgyzstan is an informational resource consisting of 224 articles and 117 pictures of everything related to Kyrgyzstan and travel opportunites in this country. This is a database of articles with search engine, tags, questions and answers section, which stores information organized by 4 main categories (People, Places, Nature and Travel) and 66 subcategories on any topic from Kyrgyz Nomads to Mihael Frunze. Apart from learning about Kyrgyzstan you can also ask a question, suggest an article or upload a picture on your Kyrgyzstan related topic of interest.

Questions and Answers Database

Since our very first day we collected questions from our friends, clients, visitors and partners about Kyrgyzstan. Now we can present them to general public together with our answers to them. If in the Q&A list there is no question you want to ask then you can use our ask question feature.


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This encyclopedia is freeware in many ways. We do not charge our readers for any information. In fact, we can even send it to you for free as a CD. You can quote it for free (up to 20% of article content usually) with a link back to the article though. We do not charge users for answers to any of their questions.

However, you can support us in several ways: buy our tours or advise your friends, relatives and other people to buy tours to Kyrgyzstan from us. It is one thing to read about this country and it is completely another to actually experience it. Another way is for those of you who has a website - you can link to us or link to any individual article using the code provided below each article. Alternatively, you can use our feature content for your site to give us backlinks from your website.




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